Rogue River OR

river3.jpgSet amidst the idyllic beauty of Southwest Oregon, Rogue River offers the perfect blend of affordability, livability and stunning natural beauty. Perfect for retirees seeking a quiet and safe community as well as families and even vacationers, Rogue River offers great schools, a modest cost of living and abundant parkland all around. When it comes to great value in a beautiful and livable location, few places can best Rogue River. 

Rogue River offers quaint single-family homes as well as rustic homes and affordable starter homes too. The city’s real estate prices are very reasonable while its property values are strong and stable. Rogue River is ideal for those looking for homes with scenic views and retirees, vacationers and families who enjoy the great outdoors. 


Originally known as Woodville, the community was founded back in 1876 and changed its name to Rogue River in 1912. It grew steadily over the 20th century, attracting new residents yet preserving its picturesque atmosphere and lush scenery. Today the city offers an enticing mix of reasonably-priced homes, stunning scenery and a superb quality of life overall, making it one of the top places for real estate in the region. 

Parks and Recreation

The Rogue River itself offers superb fishing, boating and other outdoor activities while a wealth ofhiketrail.jpg hiking trails, bike paths and verdant nature trails can be found nearby as well. It also offers municipal parks such as Anna Classick Bicentennial Park, a great place to play sports or enjoy some leisure time. 

Attractions and Activities

Local attractions near this livable city include the lush Palmer Arboretum, the Rogue River Library, the Rogue River Greenway, numerous parks and nature trails and much more to discover. Additional attractions can be found in nearby cities like Medford and throughout Jackson County. 


Events and activities in Rogue River include special events at the Rogue River Library, local sports games, events in nearby Medford and much more throughout the year. 

Rogue River: Quality Homes with Breathtaking Natural Scenery

With its mix of affordable homes and picturesque scenery, Rogue River is an exceptional place to finally buy the home of your dreams. Make a point to contact a local real estate agent today to find out more about this great community in beautiful Jackson County, Oregon. 
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Lana Lavenbarg
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