Grants Pass, OR Real Estate and Community Information for Home Buyers

The History of Grants Pass OR Real Estate Spans Three Centuries:
history1.jpgThe Grants Pass OR real estate market has an interesting history that can be traced back to 1825 when fur trappers from the Hudson's Bay Company settled near the Rogue Valley. This settlement was expanded in the 1840s when Jesse and Lindsay Applegate established a settlement located about five miles west of what is now Grants Pass.

The demand for Grants Pass real estate during the 1850s and 1860s after settlers discovered gold near Grants Pass in the Illinois Valley. This demand was sustained during the late 1880s and 1890s after Grants Pass residents voted to form a city government.

Many beautiful Grants Pass homes were constructed in the early 20th century near a 
now-defunct sugar beet factory. Some of these homes are still extant near what is now the Grants Pass Downtown Historical District.


Grants Pass is now a thriving town located in Oregon's Josephine County that offers residents a wonderful climate, beautiful outdoor attractions and a stable economy. These benefits make Grants Pass homes for sale a wonderful value for home buyers who are considering relocating to Eastern Oregon.

For more details about the history of the Grants Pass OR real estate market, please read this online article written by the Grants Pass Historical Society and this Wikipedia article

Grants Pass Is Home to Several Parks and Recreational Facilities:
The Grants Pass Parks and Recreation Department operates many recreational facilities that are
hiketrail2.jpg located near high-quality homes for sale. Some of these facilities include a boat ramp, a modern swimming poolsix parks and more than 20 hiking trails. Many of these facilities offer Grants Pass home buyers amenities including playgrounds, picnic areas and outdoor tennis courts that offer Grants Pass residents many reasons to explore their community's unique culture and surroundings.

Grants Pass Is Home to Many Cultural and Outdoor Attractions:
Grants Pass is home to many interesting cultural attractions that are locate near many affordable homes for sale. Some of these attractions include the Rogue Theater, the Grants Pass Wiseman Art Gallery and the Grants Pass Barnstomers Community Theater.

Moreover, Grants Pass is home to several outdoor attractions that attract many tourists to Oregon's Illinois Valley region. Some of these attractions include the Rogue River Greenway, the Rand National Historic Site, the Rogue River Ranch Historic Site, Dutcher Creek Golf Course and the Redwood Highway Campgrounds.

Grants Pass Residents Host Many Events That Are Located near Homes for Sale:
Grants Pass is home to many events that are located near many high-quality Grants Pass homes for sale. Some of these events include the Grants Pass Artisan Market, the Josephine County Fair, the Grants Pass Rogue Winterfest, the Jefferson State Music Festival and the Grants Pass Boatnik Memorial Day Festival. Grants Pass home buyers can learn details about other events by visiting the Grants Pass Tourism Board's event website.
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